Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award and a Thank You!

I would like to take a moment to thank Mountain Mama for giving me the stylish blogger award.  I am so excited to receive my second award.  Thank You Mountain Mama!!  For this award I am to list 7 things about myself.  I have had to think long and hard because there are times that I don't find myself very interesting.  Anyway I decided to give it a shot, so here I go.

1.  I am an avid Diet Coke drinker.  There are days that I have to tell myself, O.K I think you need to switch it up a little.  Diet Coke is my only indulgence and I must admit I am not willing to let it go yet.

2.  I have found that I do not like to try new and unfamiliar things.  Well, it is not that I don't like to try them, but until I do try I am stressed out about what it is going to be like.  After I give it a shot I am fine, it is just the anticipation.

3.  I am obsessed with working out.  I find myself not wanting to skip a day.  This has been something I have been trying to change, as woking out should be relaxing and not something that is a stressor.

4.  I love teaching my children.  I am not a teacher by trade, but have found that it comes natural to me and I just love being my children's teacher and guide not only in school but in life.

5.  I love to bake.  Our favorites around here are my chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin bars.  I have also just come across a great receipe for these amazing bars.  I will share later.

6.  I love to listen to country music!

7.  I love to read, but I have such a difficult time finding quiet moments to do so.  I tend to buy lots of books and read many at one time.  When I do get the chance to read I find it so very peaceful.

Another part of this blog award is to name 15 blogs that I find insirational.  I will name a few here, not in any particular order.  If you have a chance, please check them out.  I throughly enjoy each one.

1.  A Slice of Smith Life

2.  Live, Love, Educate

3.  wee little miracles

4.  Shower of Roses

5.  Life's Adventures

6.  Catholic Icing

7.  Forever, For Always, No Mat...

8.  Homegrown Learners

9.  The Joys of Home Educating

10.  My Heart's Desire

11.  Wildflowers and Marbles

I hope you all enjoy the list I have provided as much as I do.  Please stop by and take a peek into what these wonderful ladies are talking about and also be sure to check out Mountain Mama.  This has been so much fun and my list is growing everyday of great blog finds.




  1. Thank you for the award, Kimberly! That is so sweet of you to think of me. I am a Diet Coke drinker, too. Trying to quit, but it's not easy!!!

  2. Thank you Kimbelry for including me on that list! Thanks also for the kind words/comments on the blog over the last week...your prayers mean a lot!

  3. pumpkin bars? Please share! I love pumpkin!

  4. Hi Kimberly!
    Congrats on your award which is so well deserved! I clicked a vote for you on the Picket Fence as I way to say "Congrats!" :) I loved reading the 15 things about you which I found very interesting! I wish I could say I am obsessed with working out! I'm more obsessed with sleeping in when I don't wake up to my 4:45 AM alarm to go to the gym before my husband has to leave early for work! I love pumpkin too and would love to know the recipe you found! Thank you too for passing on the award to my blog! What a nice surprise! Have a blessed day and thank you for your nice comments on my St. Joseph post :)

  5. Congrats on the award:) and thanks for passing it on. I am an avid Diet Coke drinker too but I have switched to decaf diet coke which my husband calls expensive colored water:) I wish I love to exercise but when I have free time I like to sit and read, blog or just chill. Love reading more about people, your blog is great keep up the great job:)

  6. Thank you so much for including my blog in your list and a hearty congrats on your award! :) I, too, love to read but finding the time is such a challenge. I read several at once, too! And, by-the-way, pumpkin bars sound AMAZING! Recipe please? :)


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