Monday, February 14, 2011

Science Project Sunday

Before I get started with Science Project Sunday, I wanted to give you an update on the kids names.  I have decided to change what I call them here as the writing of their initials felt unnatural to me.  Names are as follows:
TG: Tay
This just feels more natural to me.  I hope you don't mind the change.  O.K. on with Science Project Sunday.

Tay has just completed her Mercury Unit with Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  This science unit has been so much fun.  We have decided to go ahead and try the Make a Model of Mercury project.  All the kids participated in this project, with Tay recording her results in her notebook.  We mixed together flour, salt, oil, and water.  We had to add a little more water than called for to get the dough to form.  After some time we were able to make a round ball out of the dough.
After we made Mercury, we began to make craters.  Tay had learned that Mercury has many craters that are all different shapes and sizes.  To make the craters the kids used their fingers, a pencil eraser, the tip of a pencil, and toothpicks.  They had so much fun doing this.

Here is the final result.  We have let it dry overnight, it still needs a little more dry time though.  We will now be able to add this to our new school room when complete.


  1. That is an awesome project. I plan on going over the planets with the younger kids, but we haven't made it that far yet. Have a great day!

  2. oh just reminded me what I have to do - give my kids proper blog names. Right now I still call them my daughter or my second grader and for him my 10 year old son or 5th grader boy. Way to long to type. BTW..I am coming from HHH!

  3. Great job!! We are studying space too:) I bought a solar system model that the kids are doing. One planet per week! If you want to look I have some great science experiments listed on my blog that are super easy to do for each planet up to Mars. We are working on Jupiter now:)

  4. Nice! (We didn't get to Science Sunday this weekend!)

    Visiting from Hip Homeschool Hop this morning!


  5. Cool project! And I love your little guy laying on the table so interested! Cute!

    I'm new to your blog, coming from the HHH!

  6. Hi again! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your question: I LOVE Handwriting Without Tears! It's inexpensive, simple to follow and has short, quick lessons. (You don't really need the Teacher's guide IMO; just follow the instructions on each page.) The style and writing lines are different from other programs though. The style is simpler and uses 2 lines instead of 3 to help kids write. My 3rd grader is using cursive and my Kinder is using that level with his OT and I. (He has fine motor delays due to SPD. When he was 4 1/2 he was evaluated to be at 18 months for handwriting...and now at JUST turned 6, he's only 1 year behind.)


  7. Thank you so much for getting back to my question. It sounds like this program would work really well for Ash. I like the idea that the lessons are short and quick as her fine motor skills are somewhat behind. Her hand tires very easy. It is nice to hear that your 6 year old is making progress. I am always please when I see any of the kids, but especially Ash progress. Love your site and thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!



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