Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Confidence Equals Success!

During school today, I was watching Ash and Tay doing their lessons and thinking to myself how much they have both grown.  Yes, grown in the physical sense, but also in the academic and social sense as well.    Tay, before homeschooing, had become so sad in her everyday life.  She was attending a local private christian school and was not having a good experience.  Beyond the typical "girl" problems on the playground, she was bored academically as well.  The teachers did not challenge, or encourage her in the learning process. There was also very little support from the teaching staff on the playground.   I have had her home for 2 years now and have witness Tay making great strides in many areas.  First, she is finally enjoying her school work.  The curriculum I am using now gives her the right amount of challenge for success.  This has been wonderful to watch.  Tay has also made strides socially.  When she was in school she was always pretty social, but as the years went on she backed off from the other kids due to fear.  She didn't want to have confrontations or problems so she kept to herself.  This carried over to the home.  Today, she is involved in many activities and loves playing and talking with her friends.  She is doing things today I never dreamed.  Confidence Equals Success!

Ash on the other hand, as never really experienced a regular school environment.  She has many medical problems that tend to cause her to get behind in school.  I have had to switch and/or supplement her curriculum choices many times.  I have now found a good fit for Ash.  I still supplement as needed, but overall she is much happier.  I remember a few months back watching her become so frustrated during her lessons that I would cut the lessons short so she could find some relief.  I was always hearing things like "this is to hard," or "I can't do this, Mommy."  I now watch her during lessons and see a smile on her face.  She has a sense of pride in her work and is so excited when she completes something.  Again, Confidence Equals Success!

As for Buddy, well, he is full of confidence at this point.  I pray that if and when his confidence is lost, he will be able to find it quickly and begin his journey of success.

Please feel free to share you thoughts and stories on Confidence Equals Success.  I hope you have enjoyed this discussion and I look forward to hearing all of your stories.




  1. First of all, I love the name of your school. A few years back, I asked my daughter what we should name our homeschool and she said, "The Happy Hearts School". So cute!

    I am so happy to hear that your kids are doing better with their confidence. I'm sure it was very hard for your daughter to start withdrawing from her peers out of fear. Poor thing :( I'm glad you brought her home!

  2. That is just wonderful about your girls. It is amazing just how much the kids change when you bring them home. My son changed tremendously as well. His attitude and behavior improved within just a couple of months. He was being picked on and laughed at. He also wasn't challenged and became bored. Homeschooling has definitely helped us as a family.

  3. Hi -- thanks for stopping by my blog.... in answer to your question, we don't use a particular Bible curriculum. We use the scripture memory box (found on the Charlotte Mason website), a simple one year devotion book for kids, and then we just read the Bible. That's it! Have a great day!

  4. sounds wonderful! I think that is the biggest positive about homeschooling, that you can tailor the studies to fit where your student is at, so they can succeed. I enjoyed your post :)


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