Thursday, April 7, 2011

Art Showcase


Hello everyone,

This week was a little crazy as we had a lot of things going on.  I had the kids do free art this week.  Actually this is Tay's favorite time, free art.  She likes to let her creative side shine.  Tay is one who would rather create on her own, instead of being directed.  Ash is usually the opposite, she likes to be given an idea and then create from there.  This week was a little different.  Ash was able to have a play date today with a friend who she has not been able to see since she got sick on New Years Eve.  She was so very excited and was able to create her drawing right away.  Such a great day!  Please take a look at our gallery for the week and link up if you would like to add your kids creations.  Have fun and enjoy!

Tay's drawing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow":

Ash's drawing of her play day with her BFF (notice BFF in the middle):

Buddy was not really into drawing this week, he was more into doing puzzles, so here is one he did with some help:

Please link up your child's art work below.  Happy creating!



  1. I'm glad Ash was able to visit her friend! What fun! And her drawing of her BFF looks like they had lots of fun on their play date! Tay's rainbow drawing is also beautiful with accurate ROYGBIV rainbow colors! Love Dorothy too! Puzzles are the best and what a cute one your son did of Tigger and Pooh! Thanks for sharing and hosting a this fun art link up :)

  2. PS: Clicked a vote for you today on the Picket Fence!


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